Something Different, Jets

November 9, 2016 Photography

Today I had the opportunity to visit Ellington Air Force Base today with a friend of mine. We originally planned to photograph a Russian MiG from the cold war era, but trouble with the plane’s engines scrubbed that mission. So instead I got a couple of up close moments with some other fighters from the U.S. arsenal. Not what I usually photograph, but it was a great experience to see up close the aircraft that defend our country.

A couple of shots of the Russian MiG with ground crew.


jets-5029 jets-5032 jets-5038
At Ellington, the F16 is the king. They keep several of these fighters at the ready in case of any type of airspace emergency. This one is ready to drop some ordinance, “Texas Style”!


jets-5047 jets-5052
A couple of shots of the F4 Phantom.


jets-5059 jets-5067
And of course a couple of photos of the F102 that President George W. Bush flew while at Ellington. It’s interesting to note that back in 2009, President Obama had G.W. Bush’s name removed from under the cockpit, but as you can see in this photo, the local powers that be didn’t leave it off for long.