Why We Love LDS Weddings

November 11, 2016 Photography

Why We Love Photographing LDS (Mormon)Weddings

Having lived in Utah for nearly 20 years, I became very accustomed to working with LDS couples, and creating their wedding portraits around the LDS Temple grounds. A lot of photographers may not be very familiar with the way Mormon wedding couples have their photos taken on the wedding day. First, there’s no photography inside the temples. Only certain members of the church are allowed to view or participate in a wedding that is inside a LDS Temple. And this works the same no matter where in the world you may be. I’ve photographed hundreds and hundreds of wedding all over the U.S., and I can attest that no matter if you’re in Houston, Washington D.C., or Salt Lake City, it all works the same. As a hired photographer, the only photos you are allowed to create are outside of the building and among the grounds surrounding the temples. Now some photographers may think this doesn’t sound very appealing when you’re trying to capture the day, but let me explain why I for one, love photographing LDS wedding couples who marry in the temple.

First off, it makes for a much shorter day as a photographer. Of course you have to adjust your wedding packages to account for this, but as I usually spend somewhere around 10 hours with a bridal couple, I might spend closer to 5 or 6 hours on a typical LDS Temple wedding client.

Second, there’s a lot structure for the wedding day. Most of the time when I work with these couples, I won’t even see them until after their ceremony on the wedding day. After they exit the temple, I take over and it’s picture time. With most clients there is a very specific amount of time that we have to work together after the ceremony to photograph the bride and groom portraits, as well as the family members and groups of friends. After this time together, there is usually some kind of luncheon that the bridal couple need to be at, and then the reception at night. As a photographer I love this. There are usually no interruptions, and I have all the time I need with everyone’s undivided attention. This allows me to get all of the photos the bride and groom (and mom and dad and grandma and aunt Lizzy, etc.) are expecting.

Third, the temple grounds are for the most part a photographers dream! Apart from the fact that at some temples at certain times of the year can have many more than one wedding party being photographed at at time, you have the grounds to yourself. This means that you can work at your own pace, as well as allowing the bride and groom the opportunity to have some relaxed time together, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding activities. I’ve been to, and photographed wedding couples at over 20 LDS Temples, and every one of them has been incredible to work with. There are gardens, trees, fountains, amazing architecture, and flowers that make every direction you turn look amazing. As well, these incredible buildings also look amazing at almost any time of year. Whether they’re covered in snow, or in full bloom of springtime, they photograph incredibly.

Fourth and finally, I love working with the actual couples and their families. In over 20 years of photographing LDS weddings, I’ve rarely encountered a couple or individual that wasn’t a true pleasure to get to know and work with. My clients have been kind, gracious, and extremely thankful for the photos I’ve provided them over the years, and it’s been a true joy to have continued so many relationships for so many years.