The GoPro Product Shoot

November 5, 2016 Product Photography

Photographing the GoPro Hero4 in my Houston Studio

GoPro Commercial Shoot


I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a GoPro is. Most of us have one. These little marvels will go anywhere. Sand, surf, ice, dirt, mud. They’ll even survive being on wedding duty! lol When I was thinking about how to photograph the Hero4 I thought of all the lifestyle applications that it can be used for. But for this shot I wanted to focus on the beauty of the device itself. The first time you play with one, you’re kind of amazed at how small and fragile it feels. So for this assignment I wanted to show it as the powerhouse camera/video unit that it really is. Shot low and close at about 17mm gave me the perspective I was looking for. And even though this unit was brand new out of the box, it’s amazing at how much dust I still had to retouch out. Zoom into the “before” pic and you’ll see what I’m talking about. At the end of the day, I’m pretty happy with the final image. Can’t wait for the next GoPro shoot with the girls in bikinis… 🙂