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Matt Stone offers each of his clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Matt wants to make sure every client loves their portrait experience and their photos. If you aren't happy with your portrait session experience, your digital photos or your printed portraits, you won't be asked to pay for anything. 100% guaranteed. No Hastles. No Worries.


Studio Headshot Photography

Studio Headshot Photography

December 6, 2018 HEADSHOT, PORTRAIT 0 Comments

Studio Headshot Session with Garret The work I find myself doing the most of these days is studio Headshot Photography. This…

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Photography & Videography

Wild Fire in Downtown Houston

December 6, 2018 PORTRAIT 0 Comments

Downtown Houston Photography & Videography of the Duet Wild Fire In addition to photography, I also do a fair amount of…

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Family Portrait Photography

Outdoor Family Portrait

December 6, 2018 FAMILY 0 Comments

The Lambert Family Portrait Photography Outdoor Session End of summer is a great time for Family Portrait Photography session, and now…

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About Matt

Matt Stone has been a professional photographer and videographer for over 25 years. Matt started his photography education while working for a sports team and group photographer in his neighborhood. Through the experience or working with hundreds of subjects in a day, Matt learned the value of organization and being a reliable member of a photo team. From there, Matt got a position at a portrait and wedding studio managing the office and making sure clients portrait prints were perfect. These were the film days and there was a lot that went into making a fine portrait print. It was during this time that Matt learned how to retouch on film negatives, mask and crop negs, print on a variety of wet lab equipment, and retouch/finish prints before going out to clients. And even though the process is very different today, the discipline of creating portrait prints that can last decades hasn't changed a bit. 

After working for a few years as a graphic designer, Matt decided his future was in photography. Matt's first "studio" was a basement apartment with 7 foot ceilings and awful carpet. "I remember bringing clients to this small cramped location and still creating bridal portraits and senior photos, and hoping for the day I could have a 'real' studio!" After only 1 year in that location, Matt opened his first commercial location. With a 900 square foot studio and another 900 feet for reception and production, he was on his way. 

Since that first studio, Matt has gone on to have 5 more locations, and work with thousands of wedding, portrait, and commercial photography clients. And even though Matt has moved from medium format film cameras to state of the art digital equipment, his philosophy has remained the same. Get town your clients and take beautiful timeless photos of them that can be printed at any size and hung on wall for everyone to remember and enjoy. 

25+ Years Of...

Happy Clients
For over 25 years, Matt has been creating portraits that make his clients happy. These portraits hang on walls, sit on desks, and are used all over social media from his clients. Matt's portraits are permanent and are created to be cherished by his clients for a lifetime.

Gaining Knowledge
Matt has never stopped in gaining more knowledge and experience in how to light and pose his clients for the most flattering  and appealing photos possible. From attending trade shows, workshops, online tutorials, and of course lots of practice, Matt never stops learning how to create better images for his clients.

Delivering Perfection
The work doesn't stop just because the photos session is over. Matt spends a considerable amount of time in the post production of his clients photos. From basic adjustments of color and density, to the fine tuned retouching of facial blemishes, fine lines, and stray hair. No photo is considered "finished" until everything has been addressed, and the image is ready for display.

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